Facilities @ JKIMS

With the collection of more than 3000 books on different subjects the JKIMS has established a library. The facilities in the library are updated every year as per the needs of the students. The books available in the library are accessible to both teachers and students. Books are issued to the students only on the production of their identity cum library Cards. A student can borrow 3 books for a period of two weeks. The students are also benefitted with daily newspapers, periodicals, journals and magazines. The Main Reading Room is the principal point for gaining access to the library’s general collections of books, newspapers and bound periodicals. Every day, lots of books and bound periodical volumes are delivered from the stacks for use in the Main Reading Room.Computers are placed throughout the Lower Reading Room for readers to consult internet


College is having a 5 Mbps Internet connection, locally networked and connected through wi-fi also to the central server are available for students for their project work and preparing seminar presentations. It also access to e-books, study materials, previous question papers daily circulars, etc. through the college Local Area Network.Internet facilities in the well-equipped internet lab, providing high speed of connectivity the student can surf the net together unlimited information. Wi-fi facility in the Institution Campus is a milestone in the history of this institution as it puts the college on the road to paperless administration and functioning. With this addition the college will provide internet and intranet access to all students and staff for instructional purpose on par with colleges internationally. The class rooms are provided with wireless access points for the students to make use of internet and intranet.

Sports/Co-Curricular Activities

The co-curricular activities organized by the college make life on campus exciting. The Institute provides basic facilities for playing cricket, volleyball, football etc. students are so busy compiling their projects and assessment, so they need time to restrain and boost their power. Since there is a fuss in the academics and it is hard for each student to excel in studies so, it is an advantage to be a part of any extracurricular activity. It will not only help you to reduce your stress but can also help you to develop yourself as a successful athlete. Therefore, it is necessary to have the facilities at college/ Institution

Cultural Activities

Besides academic pursuit, we encourage students to achieve all round personality development. We have a seminar hall with a capacity of 100 students for cultural programme. We are committed to produce not only good graduates but also impart good human values to them by organizing different types of cultural activities, seminars on value education. We try our best to provide opportunity to students to give expression to their non-academic talent. there are so many benefits of conducting such activities like Physical benefits, Mental health benefits, Spiritual benefits, Emotional benefits etc.

Grievance Redressal/ Anti Ragging/ IQAC/ HAWP Cells

The Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) aims to look into the complaints lodged by any student and redress it as per requirement. The students can state their grievance regarding any academic and non- academic matter within the campus through the online and grievance/ suggestion box. The institution aims at solving the grievances of the students within stipulated tacademic and non- academic matter within the campus through the online and grievance/ suggestion box. The institution aims at solving the grievances of the students within stipulated time.
JKIMS is committed to provide a congenial and conducive atmosphere in which students, teachers and non-teaching staff can work together in an environment free of violence, harassment, exploitation, and intimidation. This includes all forms of gender violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination on the basis of gender.
Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been established as a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure for performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality up-gradation of institutions of higher education. According to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) every accredited institution of higher education should establish Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a post accreditation quality sustenance measure. The primary responsibility of IQAC is to ensure quality enhancement and sustenance. It ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of measures taken/methods used to provide high quality education and evaluate the degree to which each task is fulfilled. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC will become a part of the institution's system and work towards realization of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance.

Educational/Subject Tours

Educational Tours for students provide them with an opportunity to collaborate with teachers, and integrate new perspectives with informal environments to enhance learning initiatives. Among the many educational tour benefits, skill development is the most important. In order to meet several educational tour objectives, students need to apply skills, values and general knowledge in new settings. The college organizes Excursion/Educational/ Subject tours in the interest of the students from time to time. The college also organizes an educational tour outside the state in winter vacation. Our first batch went to academic tour of Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) Chennai, TN. The students had a lasting experience rubbing shoulders with best of the lot. See photos here

Important Educational Tour Objectives

  • Effective Learning
  • Personal Development
  • Deepen Social and Historical Knowledge
  • Develop Critical Thinking
  • Respect for Culture
  • Enhances Perspective
  • Effective Communication
  • Exchange of Ideas
  • Global Networking