Department of Computer Sciences - Year Of Establishment: 2014


Department of Computer Sciences
Prof. Assia Siddiqi - Nodal Officer JKIMS, Srinagar
Head:  Prof. Saleem Mir

Breif Introduction:

Computer science is the study of theory, experimentation, and engineering that forms the basis for design and use of computers. It is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications and the systematic study of the feasibility, structure, expression, and mechanization of the methodical procedures (or algorithms) that underlie the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of, and access to, information. An alternate, more succinct definition of computer science is the study of automating algorithmic processes that scale. A computer scientist specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems.

Message: Jammu & Kashmir Institute of Mathematical Sciences  was established in the year 2013 by the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir with the primary aim of conducting quality research in mathematical sciences in collaboration with centers of excellence around the globe to achieve the important aspect of human resource development in the field of mathematical sciences by attracting younger generation to the field. It is envisaged to develop the institute with the state of art infrastructure so as to provide the appropriate milieu to achieve its objectives.

Keeping in view the importance of computer sciences the subject was incorporated into the curriculum of the 5-Year integrated degree course being offered at JKIMS.
I look forward to seeing hard working, dedicated and intellectual students  in our institute so that the sanctity of the subject and the degree course is maintained.

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Courses Overview

JKIMS is envisioned to be a research institution, first of its kind in the state of J&K. The main courses to be offered are:

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