Mathematics being mother of scientific disciplines including some social and behavioural sciences, has opened up new frontiers of knowledge in the world of Science and Technology. The study of Mathematical Sciences has assumed considerable significance due to the rapid advancement in research and knowledge explosion in Science and Technology. It has opened up new opportunities in career making for new generation of youth. Young generation in general and females in particular have yet to develop aptitude for taking up mathematics as a career in Jammu and Kashmir. India has rich heritage in Mathematics and the oldest texts in existence relate to Vedic age and Aryabhata’s general solution in integers is quite famous and India’s priceless gift to the world is decimal system. Most of the standard results in basic arithmetic are of Indian origin. Even sophisticated Geometry was invented during the origin of Vedic relocates. Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Jammu and Kashmir has been more or less on traditional lines and its application in Applied Sciences, Behavioural Sciences and Technology has missing dimensions in higher education teaching learning process. Therefore, it becomes imperative to build a Scientific and Institutional basis for young minds to acquaint with the knowledge of Mathematical tools and techniques applicable in technology, medicine and behavioural disciplines. Pursuant to the decision taken by the Jammu and Kashmir Government vide Order No 265-Hr-Edu of 2013 dated 06-06-2013, regarding establishment of Jammu and Kashmir Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Srinagar, it is proposed to establish the said Institute as Institute of Academic Excellence with autonomous character.

JKIMS Vision
To be a leading Institute in producing professionally competent young researchers in Mathematical sciences.
JKIMS Mission
JKIMS Mission
  • To Initiate measures for promoting innovations in teaching-learning process, interdisciplinary research.
  • To prepare students through well designed courses to excel in their profession with ethical values.
  • To strengthening relationship with all stakeholders.
  • To Impart effective outcome-based education.
  • To promote research to benefit the society.
JKIMS Tarana
JKIMS Tarana